The Journey Begins

A great big howl to you!

My name is Tye. My two-legged parents and I travel for a living. I let them believe they keep me in tow but in reality, I am leading them around the United States. During the past year we have been to 23 states and spent time in 10 of those states. We have experienced canyon tours, river rafting, mountain hikes, wild animals and a whole lot more cool stuff including meeting many interesting people.

I am a 3 ½ year old Border collie/Australian shepherd and jump at every command my two-legged father gives me through words, sounds and hand signals. I love to work and am currently on a mission to lead my two-legged parents to every adventure we can experience.

As a lead herding dog, my eyes are constantly scanning the fields for livestock to work my talent on. We stop for every adventure that awaits us and I can smell a great river a mile away. I can be trusted to make the announcement loud and clear when we are approaching a body of water so I can take a quick swim. If time permits, dad stops the truck and I immediately find a stick for him to throw for me. Then I get to work, making a splash as I retrieve.

They call me a backseat driver since they made the entire backseat my traveling space. I have my bed, my food and water bowl next to me and dad keeps my favorite throw toy in the bed of the truck while mom stores my special treats up front with her.

I despise the name, Backseat Driver! My name is Tye and I am a lead dog. It is not complicated to comprehend that lead dogs need to be upfront. So, with all fours firmly planted in the back seat I lean forward and rest my chin on dad’s shoulder as he makes the truck move in forward motion. If it wasn’t for my direction, dad would listen to the lady that speaks from his phone when he hangs it in the windshield. If you ask me, he listens to her instruction more than he listens to moms.

If I do lay down for a brief moment and hear her voice start up again, I instantly jump to my paws and get in my lead position to avoid any wrong direction. Otherwise, he will take every turn that lady tells him to and she directs him past rivers and lakes. This lady’s voice is not running the show, I am!

With my intelligence comes knowledge and I confess I cannot work a keyboard. So, I have hired my two-legged mom as a ghost writer to share our travels with you. She pays me back with yummy homemade dog treats.

They think they run the show but I’m the head dog and I have a job to do!

Every head of livestock I meet, follows me on foot and I hope you follow me virtually as I share our travels and a whole lot more,

Hope you enjoy!





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