Balloon Fest – Tye’s Adventures

My mom always says if I wasn’t so obedient, respectful and trustworthy, I wouldn’t have the privilege of going so many places and experiencing the fun we have.

The balloon fest in Indianola, Iowa runs for 10 days each summer and recently we were staying nearby so we ventured over.

When we arrived at the gate, the volunteer told us dogs weren’t allowed. I go almost everywhere with my parents and this being an outdoor event brought assumption upon us that I would be accepted, on a leash of course.

Although I don’t need a leash, other people don’t know that. Dad always says, “If it’s a rule then we need to abide”. So, Dad keeps me on a leash for that reason and to bring comfort to others that don’t know me. Dad taught me to walk next to him without a leash when I was young. He makes a particular hand signal then I know to run to his left side, make a loop behind him and get in my place on his right side.


While 3 balloons were being prepared for flight in the far-off distance, we parked in the parking area and found a nice place for us to enjoy the view, since I wasn’t allowed within the balloon area. I was so excited to see something new. At my age, there is so much I don’t know yet and love being introduced to new findings. Instantly, I didn’t like the noise those balloons made. Whoosh!!! Sometimes, the unknown intrigues my instincts and other times, the unknown frightens me.

Last year I had a job of keeping geese off 120 acres of land. I take my responsibilities seriously so I would sneak up and quickly chase after them. The entire group, maybe up to 50 geese, would fly in the air and I would run under them until they were past my boundary. Although I didn’t have permission and it wasn’t my job to chase after these balloons, they didn’t appear to be of any threat and they weren’t damaging the property like the geese used to. But I still didn’t like the noise they made.

Indianola Balloon fest (2)

These balloons were much prettier than those geese were. The bright colors gracefully floating through the sky was pleasant to watch but one tried to land and the basket bounced on the ground like my throw toy does when Dad throws it for me to catch and I miss. Rest assured, if I don’t catch it in the air, I catch it off the bounce. I’ll share more about my toy talents later. The basket then dragged across the grass on its side like an outfield ball rolling towards me to catch it. But this time, I wasn’t allowed to play catch with it. I had to be obedient and respectfully stand next to my dad and watch all the fun happening around me. It’s difficult for me to accept sometimes but I wasn’t the star of this show. I was an observer this evening, not a participate so I stood back and stayed in my place.

Tye Indianola Balloon Fest


I sure did enjoy the adventures of the evening and stayed obedient to my parents for my safety and everyone else’s.




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