Tye’s Day at the Parade

Ahh…a parade!

I enjoy watching people and what do you do at a parade? Watch people!With light sprinkles falling on my fur, this summer day was perfectly filled with 70 degree temps, a cool breeze and heavy clouds full of rain just waiting to pour on us. Dad found us a front row view on the sidewalk of Main St in this small town we were visiting while working in the heartland states.



Physically, I sat respectfully as I watched the parade begin to approach in our direction. Knowing that my dad is capable of reading my thoughts, I cautiously allowed my mind to be entertained with the idea of what I could do with my natural instinct of herding. With people everywhere and livestock absent from the scene, I couldn’t help but imagine how quickly I could herd this slow moving line of people. Putting my thoughts into action would seriously get me in trouble and I know better!

Tye waiting patiently

Instantly, my concentration was broke as a child walking in the parade ran up to pet me. I felt like a celebrity! My presence was enough to draw him away from his responsibility as a parade participate. Apparently, he didn’t do much thinking as he ran towards me on impulse and began to pet me. Although, I love the attention, this behavior is disrespectful and potentially dangerous.

Besides the fact that not all dogs are nice and are not trained how to react to sudden impulsive movements, I belong to my parents and this behavior can distract me from my obedience. Please remember to always ask permission to pet a dog before doing so. This is for everyone’s safety. I am trained how to properly say “hi” and trust me, we will both enjoy the attention when we meet properly.

Howling with the sirens

In the meantime, an audience formed around me as I was given permission to sing along to the sirens in the parade.

As the parade ended, I howled with a smile because Dad told me “When I finish talking with this old-timer we will go to the river for a quick swim.” I smelled the river as we drove over the bridge on the way to the parade so I know how close it is. Wishing dad would simply give me the signal, I would run there myself and he could catch up with me but I know that isn’t going to happen. Instead, I waited patiently and looked up at mom chuckling, not knowing for sure which one was the old-timer? My dad or the man he was talking too….

On our way to the river

It didn’t take long and dad was throwing a stick for me in the river.


Coming soon…. a post about my work on a pig farm.


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