Tye Volunteers at a Pig Farm

An exciting shout to you, filled with a howling yippee!

Dads work got called off for rain today! This means I get to spend all day with him. This brings excitement since I know we never rest in boredom!

Dad instantly thought of a new acquaintance when he discovered his work was postponed. This new friend may need some help on his farm…a pig farm!!

The words “pig farm” to a herding dog is like a salesman receiving a firm handshake while hearing “lets close the deal”.

Dad has time on his hands, ambition, knowledge and an eager herding dog, Me! He does not mind volunteering what he has for the benefit of another so, after a quick phone call, off we went!

When we arrived, dad introduced me to my new friends.

We strolled around as dad showed me my boundaries while making my presence known.

Making my presence known
Making my presence known

Once dad evaluated his work for the day, he then set me straight with my job description. I was to keep the pigs away from dad so they won’t nip on his heels as he works inside the pig barn. My thoughts: “I am the dog for the job!”

I have been given a position of authority and authority needs respect. I am confident that it won’t take long to earn the pigs respect and for them to understand that they are to follow my instructions as I follow my dad’s instructions. I obey him, they obey me while we respect each other.


I was correct, it didn’t take long for them to understand their boundary.

Boundaries are in place

Awe…volunteering! Fulltime travel does not keep us from volunteering. Last week we volunteered at Vacation Bible School and I got to play with kids all week and today I made a few new piggy friends.


Rest is needed
Rest is needed

Through volunteering, we all benefit.


I bet dad gives me a bath before I get home to see mom!


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