Tye Ran Off to Work!

It was difficult, I lost control and rebelled!

As a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd, I have a strong work ethic.

A dog like me needs to work: Cows, sheep, pigs….I want a job!

nature animals pig alp rona
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I have never taken off and left my parents. Dad was at work and I was sure mom would be safe at home for a few minutes without me. I could hear the pigs at the farm down the road and I knew it wasn’t feeding time. So, I felt an obligation.

Dogs like me need a job! We want to work!

I howled and howled and mom kept looking at me like I was crazy. This was a new howl to her and it was clear she didn’t understand. She tried to throw the ball for me but I just didn’t want to play. I wanted to work!

Some dogs enjoy laying around the yard all day, watching the mailman come by and waiting for kids to come home from school to throw the ball. Sure, I can bounce a fly ball off my nose and catch an outfielder like a pro but I prefer to work!

During our travels, I have helped at a pig farm and I done a fine job that day! It is similar to herding cattle and I am an expert in that field too. Today, the noise coming from down the road told me, the farmer needed an experienced ranch dog at his side. I am a smart dog, I am sure the pigs must have gotten out of their barn.

Convinced the farmer needed a hero and Mom being busy in the house, I seen this was my chance. So without thinking, I allowed my desires to control me and I imagined wearing a red cape as I belted through the cornfield. I was gone in a flash. Yep, the farmer needed my assistance alright! I took over and we got the job done in no time. The pigs were corralled, safe and settled in.

I love to work!

The farmer brought me home in his truck and said he was going to thank mom for allowing me to come over and help out. Ooopps! I forgot, I didn’t ask permission.

Yikes! I am busted! I should have run back home through the corn field.

Today, I went to work like dad does and:

Mom has lost trust in me.

The farmer is thankful for my assistance.

Dad isn’t home yet so he doesn’t know……(Dad will tell me that I need to ask permission next time but he’ll be proud of the job I done!)


I just wanted to work!


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