It’s National Faux Fur Day!

Howwlll…..!!! It’s National Faux Fur Day!

Fake fur? Unheard of in my world.

Who has authority to create these days?

Faux fur…

I use my fur every day and I never change it. It works for me!

I never take it off and I never have to put it on. It works for me!

God gave me black and white fur with some length. I don’t style it, I just wear it. It works for me!

This means, whenever Dad says it is time to go outside, I am ready. This really works for me!

I got a wee bit dusty recently while traveling through the southwest and mom wouldn’t settle for my usual shake that makes the dust fly all around me. Although, it works for me, it doesn’t work for mom. So, she took me to a salon made for me and my friends. My friends, that sport the real thing, as I do.

After leaving the spa, I realized that I truly am styling today, in my thoroughly brushed, trimmed and shining fur. When my family seen me, they explained that all I needed was a bolo tie to finish my handsome look. Unfortunately, I don’t have one handy. Dad wouldn’t be happy if I borrowed his and I want him to take me to the soccer field later today so I won’t try to sneak it.

Tye needs a bolo tie
Tye – being obedient by posing for a picture when something more interesting is happening around us. 

I may not have a faux reason to strut for National Faux Fur Day, but I will be strutting.

The real thing works for me!



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