A Visit to the Vet!

Dad says its time for my yearly checkup!

I am a dog and I am on top of the world. Why do I need a check up? I have no need to visit the vets office.

Out of obedience and the fact that when dad speaks I have no choice in the matter, I went to the vet.Once I jumped from the truck to the parking lot, I remembered all the smells at the vets office. Oh, how I could stay all day and be surrounded with these smells. If I had a job where all I had to do, was smell, I would be very successful at my job.

Tye's vet visit 2

As we entered the waiting room mom told me to sit and stay. I did the best I could with all those smells around me. I had to resort to my army crawl as I know she doesn’t notice my movement when I stay low.

Soon after arriving, a lady entered the room and said my name. How does she know my name? I don’t know her.

Tye's vet visit 3

That lady that knew my name took us to another room and there were more smells. I sat as still as I could but temptation was an issue as every inch of this building smells…I am a dog! My sniffer tells me a lot about my surroundings. And there have been many four legged friends here before me.

The doctor says she is going to take my temperature. Why? I just don’t see a purpose in that experience. I am healthy as a horse and I do not have a temperature. Finally, she took that thermometer back, I stepped forward and shook. I shook that off! There is no need for my temperature to be taken!

I can hear other furry friends in the building but can’t see them. I don’t know why they don’t stop barking and focus on enjoying all the smells in this building. I guess they would prefer drawing attention to themselves. I say, enjoy what is in your midst!

Tye's Vist visit 1

The doctor had me step on a table then she raised the table. I don’t know why they didn’t simply raise the table and ask me to jump up there. I would have shown them how healthy, strong and athletic I am.

Tye's Vet visit

Ah! I have gained 3 pounds. Yes, I am not surprised. 3 pounds of muscle! I stay lean through exercise. I love to exercise and I even run in my sleep. I an typically chasing something in my dreams and I run my heart out. I play ball and swim everyday and I will herd any livestock my dad gives me permission to herd.

My visit soon came to an end. I am good until next year when we repeat this visit. Other than the smells, I see no reason to waste our time coming back. I am healthy and intend on staying a healthy dog! But I will be back when dad gives the order.


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